Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top five Storage solutions by Lissanne Oliver

What the frick is a storage solution? It sounds like a crazy promise to me! Your storage problems are rarely about the storage you have, rather the content you own (too much) and where that content is located. Containerisation should always be second to dealing with your content.

1. Do a storage audit! Where is your most valuable storage and why? Are you storing little used items in your prime real estate?

2. Make sure your content marries the location. Don't be afraid to use containers from the kitchen for desktop storage; a pretty vintage tin marries function and form

3. Do you do mail order? A shipping station is a must!

4. Hang it up. Scissors, tapes, swatches, notepad, etc work beautifully on hooks. Making better use of horizontal space means you have space to plan and work.

5. Do you have a place for UFOs (unfinished objects)? If you don't have a 'home' for these items, designate one now. I like a shelf or secondary workbench for stacks, piles and groups of to dos. A clothes rail + bags + coathangers also works a treat for fashion / textiles on the go.
We love Multix Resealable Storage Bags (extra large for around $4 at Coles).

6. Clear containers are great if you want to view what you've got, but remember that with good labelling (can be visual as opposed to words) opaque containers will give you a more streamlines look.


* Remove lids from any container you have on a shelf - the box or tub will act more like a drawer and be easier to get to.

* Your desk top or workbench is for working not for storing.

* We love gigantun zip lock bags! they are great for soft, light materials or excesspackaging.

* Empty boxes are only useful when you put stuff in them.

All photos courtesy of Lissanne Oliver/SORTED! organising & decluttering and may not be used without permission.

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