Monday, December 5, 2011

Time to get SORTED! Lissanne Oliver is hijacking my blog for a week!

Ok, people this is an intervention! A hijack!

I'm Lissanne ... I am hijacking Peta Pledger's blog. I know you creative peeps struggle to get and stay organised. That clutter gets you down.

I help people get organised so they have more time for the good things. If you are cluttered, waste time looking for things, 'double buy' and struggle to stay (or get!) organised, the next five days are for YOU. Say no to overwhelm, and YES to being SORTED!

I'll give you a different task, direction or tips each day until Friday.

Today I want you to maximise your space. There are two ways to achieve this SUPER FAST.

1. PUT THINGS AWAY A great place to start getting organised is by putting away everything you've left out and about in your creative workspace.If it doens't have a home, assign it one now.
If you have no room to put away to, move onto step 2 immediately!

Excess packaging, empty boxes and containers (no, they really won't come in handy, look how many you have for goodness sakes!), old magazines (anything older than 3 months needs to go, let's start afresh for 2012). If you think you have no rubbish or recycling, move to the back of the drawer, cupboard, out in the shed or garage, and I guarantee you will find some. Bear in mind the rubbish can be quite large: old furniture you were going to repair, a piece of equipment that needs more TLC you can provide (Besides, it's been there for so long it's almost vintage now).

DO IT NOW! Take action. Stop phaffing. Start sorting.

So, stop reading and spend the next 15-60 minutes getting organised. Then report back. GO!

PHOTO CREDIT: Paul Wesley-Smith


Jess WhoaMamma said...

Ok, enough fluffing about. I'm going to get off this damn addictive laptop, stop freaking out about the clutter, and start chucking! COUNT ME IN! xxx

Anonymous said...

Go you good thing Jess! You can do it!

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