Thursday, December 1, 2011

Need a stretchy skirt for the Holiday Season?

With so many people having babies and with summer coming, I wanted to make a super comfy skirt that could be dressed up or down.

The 'Louisa' skirt is made from medium-heavy weight stretch polyester/spandex. I have personally road tested it and it retains it's shape throughout the day really well.

I have used a straight skirt pattern, so it is not too tight around the thigh and knee area. The waistband is elasticised with 1.5cm heavy duty "knicker elastic".

This skirt is not only for pregnant women, but I did find a gap in the market for nice skirts that can be worn during and after pregnancy.

I can only make 30 of these skirts as the fabric is super limited, so if you want one, please don't wait (I still get emails from people asking for leopard print 'Frankie' tops).

Shop using Australian dollars at my online store.

Shop using US dollars at my Etsy store.

Model: Beckiejo
Photo credit: Rocketman Photography

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