Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello friends.

I am not quite sure if anyone is reading this post, but I thought I would pop up a quick note to assure you that I am still in business. I gave birth to a baby boy on May 15th in 2012 and he has taken up most of my time since then, which I love.

My online store is still open, however new items are only added as I make them. I am still taking made to measure orders, however I am limited to how much I can take on at the moment.

I have a new stockist in North Fitzroy, Victoria called Heroes & Villains which is run by the lovely Jules Musgrove designer of the Poppet label.

New very limited edition 'Sara' shirts have been added to both my online store and Heroes & Villains in 5 different prints ranging from size 8 to 18.

If you have a Facebook account, most of my online posts are done on my Facebook page, please 'Like' it to stay up to date. I am also on Twitter and Instagram as @petapledger .

Let me know if you have read this post by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

I will sign off here for now and hope to write another post soon.

Peta x

Currently listening to: Bon Jovi's new single 'Because We Can'.


PetaG said...

Wore my red & white 'Rocker Girl Jane' dress on Christmas Day, with a cherry/strawberry apron over the top so it didn't get messed up whilst cooking lunch... I felt like a domestic goddess ♥

Enjoy your little one being little XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Peta,
I do check your blog when I get a chance :) Nice to see your post. Congrats on the new little man, hope your having a lovely time with him.
Look forward to your posts this year!
Cat x

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