Thursday, November 26, 2009

We have a winner!

To ensure a fair competition, the lovely Lissanne from Sorted! chose a winner for her book giveaway, SORTED! The ultimate guide to organising your life - once and for all.

Retro Age, please contact me by email with your postal address!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Curious about the custom made side of Peta Pledger?

If you have been wondering why I have'nt added any new designs to my online store lately, it's because all of my time has been taken up by two things. The first one is being a mum and the second thing is custom made dress orders.

The 'Peta Pledger' label comprises of a small clothing label, but is primarily a made to measure service. As I handmake each garment myself, I have had very little time to devote to the label...but with a bit of extra hard work and luck, that will start to change soon!

I bumped into Justine, the editor of MixTape zine at the Melbourne International Film Festival earlier this year, and after a quick chat about what I was up to, Justine thought that some people may be interested about the processes involved in getting a custom made garment.

You can read the article in the latest issue of MixTape zine and it is available from here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

BOOK GIVEAWAY for someone who needs to get SORTED!

Before I met Lissanne Oliver 9 years ago, I was a hoarder. From shoes to magazines, fabric that I would never use, to gifts that were given to me that did not suit me or my personality.

As a person who has a parent with OCD, I was very lucky to meet her as she has re-trained my brain to think twice before keeping something.

Lissanne's company, SORTED! specialises in Organising & Decluttering people's homes, offices and anywhere else that needs a 'spring clean'.

Her company do not encourage "chucking stuff in the bin", they encourage recycling, reusing and giving unwanted goods to charity.

As this year has been one of the busiest years of my life, I am finding that everywhere I go in my home and studio, I am surrounded by imbaratz (junk, in Maltese). So I am taking a few hours this weekend to refer to my personal saviour, Lissanne's book titled Sorted! The ultimate guide to organising your life - once and for all and getting organised before the harsh Summer heat wave hits us here in Australia.

I have one copy of Sorted! to give away to one lucky blog reader who signs up to the SORTED! mailing list and leaves a comment on my blog, outlining why you should win this book.

The SORTED! newsletter is not spammy and is filled with useful tips including eco-friendly ways to wrangle your clutter.
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