Monday, November 1, 2010

'Making It Handmade' is available on DVD!

"So you think craft is for Nannas? Well think again. Come and explore the subculture of indie craft in Melbourne through four women who are subverting domestic craft techniques drawing from punk culture, politics, feminism and modern aesthetics."

Melbourne film maker, Anna Brownfield has released her documentary 'Making It Handmade' on DVD. The film features 5 crafty women, Rayna Fahey, Pip Lincoln, Gemma Jones, Casey Jenkins, Faythe Levine and interviews with them talking about their careers as crafters, the craft groups they have started and their opinions about what it is like to be a crafty woman in 2010.

Whether you are into making craft, buying craft or are simply interested in a sub-culture that you may not know much about, this movie will do one thing for you, leave you feeling with an inexplicable feeling of empowerment.

You can buy the DVD from here.

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