Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weigel's Cowboy

While searching for a 1950s dress on ebay, this pattern appeared in the search results.

At first I had to look twice as I could not believe my eyes, but after 1 bid, it was mine. I spent the whole week feeling as though I had won Tattslotto.

I don't let myself collect many things, but I do collect vintage sewing patterns, I have a modest sized collection and I never tire of looking at them.

Weigel's patterns are my favorite to collect, the illustrations are simple and I adore the fact that they are Australian.

If you happen to have a box of vintage sewing patterns in the attic and you want to send them my way, I will reward you with Haighs chocolate!


Oh By Jingo said...

What a great find Peta! I love little cowboys (and cowgirls).

Joanna said...

I just came across a magazine of Madame Weigel's knitting and crochet patterns at my local op shop. It's really old and delicate, and brings me lots of joy as I flick (gently) through it.

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