Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things that make me Happy # 3 - Xanadu

In the mid-nineties my best and and I would throw wonderful parties every June to celebrate my birthday and to have a mid-year catch up with our friends and family.

Not one to be shy to stand infront of a crowd, I mimed to this song via the karaoke function on our stereo - in Maltese.

My friends literally fell to the floor with laughter and my friend Anni - who is half Maltese too, still requests that I sing it for her to this very day.

I love this movie, I still love and listen to the soundtrack regularly and I hope you enjoy this song too.


mixtapezine said...

i love love love this movie
molly watched it for the first time on mothers day!!
justine xx

Maisy Brown said...

Damn, Peta! I fully expected the Maltese lyrics dubbed over the top - disappointed! lol
You won't believe me when I tell you I've never seen Xanadu...I think I was going through one of my tough, punky phases, and wouldn't be caught dead, etc. How things have changed - I'll have to borrow it!

petapledger said...

Please do Maisy, you will love it!! x x

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