Friday, April 10, 2009

When Paula called me about Marie Claire...

This news is old, as my computer was on it's way out when this news happened and trying to do anything on it was a nightmare!

In late January this year, I got a phone call from Paula Delley asking me if I would consider loaning her some dresses for an upcoming shoot to accompany an article being written about her Pinup Workshop by Marie Claire magazine.

Paula wanted to re-create 3 vintage pinup images and my job was to help replicate the outfits. The first one was a Hawaiian style frock, for which I loaned her a 'Lucky Diamonds' dress.

The next image was easy, Paula simply loaned a petticoat that I had I in stock and used it as an outer skirt.

However, the final dress - well that dress kept me awake for 3 nights. Paula emailed a photo to me (you can see the image on the top right hand side of the article page) and I had to replicate that dress in exact detail, the problem was it is a dark photo and I had to do a little guess work. OK, making the dress was easy, but this was Marie Claire! My mind went completely blank and with other dressmaking orders baking up, I had to get my act together fast.

For the outer, I chose a beautiful Italian Crepe from Clegs, $59.95mt and a dream to sew. The lining was 100% viscose adding weight and slink to the dress.

I combined a store bought pattern, a 1970's pattern and my own pattern making to create a really luxurious gown.

Paula was happy with the dress and I am happy for Paula to have been featured in an international fashion magazine...I have a feeling this is not the last time we'll be seeing Paula in the glossies.

Note: All photos and text in the image above are owned by Marie Claire Australia and Paula Delley.

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