Saturday, April 25, 2009

I went shopping at Meet Me At Mikes and look at what I bought!

On Thursday, I, along with a group of wonderfully talented designers and models (including 2 of the chicks that run Thread Den), filmed a tv commercial. I am not sure if I am allowed to say anything yet, but I will blog about it as soon as it 'goes live'.

It was important to me to wear locally made clothing and accessories for the shoot, so.... I went SHOPPING!!

I bought a gorgeous red hand knitted in Australia cardigan by Cul Desac from one one my stockists, I Dream A Highway in Northcote.

My dress was a Hawaiian Barkcloth one made by me, so I needed some accessories to compliment the outfit. Next stop, Meet Me At Mikes!

I bought a gorgeous necklace with some sweet birds on it, a copy of Pip's new book Meet Me At Mikes and a beautiful Swallow brooch. The swallow brooch is super special as Pip's partner and boyfriend Cam hand carves them - exquisite!

If you are in Melbourne and have'nt already, please do check out the three stores I have mentioned in this post, you are sure to find yourself a handmade piece of wonderful goodness!!

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