Wednesday, September 3, 2008

'57 Chevy and my new stockist

The flyer above is for the Thread Den's Spring Fashion week parade titled, '57 Chevy. It is on this Friday the 6th of September at 6.30pm. I won't be taking part in the parade but...

I am really hoping that Marc gets home in time so I can attend this, especially since Thread Den is my new stockist!

Thread Den is a unique store in North Melbourne, one half of it is a boutique and the other half is a sewing school. If you would like a brochure about Thread Den and the courses it runs, send me an email and I will gladly post you one.

Keep your eye out for some of my favorite lines as well as one of a kind creations.

This afternoon, I will deliver a range of Peta Pledger goodness ranging from size 8 to 20.

1 comment:

mixtapezine said...

well done love
i can't make fri night sorry :(

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