Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet Gaby from Hopeless Lingerie

Hi Peta Pledger friends and fans! My name is Gaby and I am the owner/operator/sewing lady/designer and everything in between for Hopeless Lingerie.

Peta has asked me to write a guest post for her blog about my little business so here goes!

I have been working on Hopeless for close to 3 years now, so much has happened and I am still so excited to see what the future holds. I had the dream to start my own lingerie business after many years of being unable to find bras that fit me. As a curvy E cup I am now finding more brands that cater to this market which is wonderful, but it is still my ultimate to goal to create beautiful, flattering and comfortable garments for girls of all sizes, smaller and bigger. So far my journey has mostly involved pieces that cater to the smaller end of the spectrum, as I slowly learn the techniques and find the machinery and materials needed to make structured underwear. There is so much that goes into making properly fitting bras that I am not ready just yet to embark on it, but I am getting close!

I have been enjoying sewing with bamboo and modal jersey a lot recently - and focusing on comfortable sleep-wear and lounge-wear. I spend a lot of time when making patterns and samples to try and create styles that will be suitable for a range of different body types. This means putting elastic in the right places, allowing room to grow in some areas, and making adjustable elements like ties, clasps and slides. I know ordering expensive things over the internet is scary so I try to make the garments as flexible as possible. (And that is also why I do so much made to measure!)

I have a very exciting year ahead, with 4 small ranges planned, the first of these is a (mostly) white bridal range which I am shooting in a weeks time. To find out more about me and Hopeless you can have a look through my blog here .

Thanks for having me Peta!

Gaby xoxo

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