Friday, January 7, 2011

A simple and inexpensive gift for little ones

When I was pregnant with my son, my workmate James said to me: "you'd better start saving up for all the birthday presents you're going to have to buy!".

By this, he meant that when your child reaches a certain age, they are going to get invited to parties - and lots of them.

For some parents, buying a gift around the $25-$30 each time can be a burden on the household budget, so here is my suggestion for a gift that lasts for years and is useful -and is under $10.

A button badge set, designed and handmade by draw! pilgrim and a Little Golden Book is a suitable gift for a child between 1 year old and up. Ofcourse, you would'nt give the child the badges to play with, but they look great on a 'nappy bag' or on a child old enough to understand not to touch it.

As for the Little Golden book, these can be picked up for under $5 each from supermarkets and bookstores. If the books get damaged over time, the pictures can be used to make greeting cards and collages.

To see more of draw! pilgrim's lovely artwork, visit her website here.


Emjie said...

We live in some a commercial world, that many people feel that they must spend a lot of money on good presents.
The more time I spend in the crafting world of bloggers I have learnt that something lovely and valuable need not be expensive or even store bought.
On the flipside, Golden Books do make an excellent gift. In my early days of primary school I was still reading my Golden Books.

h&b said...

I'd like some ideas for the 7yr old boy set though :( They are SO commerically driven and fad-aware. I always try to think outside the square, but i'm not sure it's always appreciated :)

For my son's 5th birthday party, we made it a no-presents event.


I may as well have worshipped Satan...

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

We're on the same wavelength :) Just gave the Colour Kitties book to my one-year-old for her b'day. Looooove the graphics. And of course love Pilgrim too.

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