Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Lula' mini skirt in tartan

The new photos from my latest shoot will be trickling online over the next few weeks.

Available from my online store now, the 'Lula' mini skirt in tartan is made from 65% Polyester/35% Viscose and lined with 100% red Polyester.

Lining adds to the cost, but I think that the 'creeping up' feeling when you're walking down the street in an unlined mini is quite uncomfortable, also, by lining this skirt I found that it gave it a nicer shape.

The waistband is bound in yellow (you can see inside the skirt if you click on image number 4 here and there is an invisible zip in the centre back. I am favoring large snaps as waist band closures at the moment over traditional button and buttonholes.

If you wish to buy this skirt, it is available from my online store now.


Jodie said...

Peta, this is just too freakin' cute. Love it.

petapledger said...

Thank you Jodie!

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