Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Curious about the custom made side of Peta Pledger?

If you have been wondering why I have'nt added any new designs to my online store lately, it's because all of my time has been taken up by two things. The first one is being a mum and the second thing is custom made dress orders.

The 'Peta Pledger' label comprises of a small clothing label, but is primarily a made to measure service. As I handmake each garment myself, I have had very little time to devote to the label...but with a bit of extra hard work and luck, that will start to change soon!

I bumped into Justine, the editor of MixTape zine at the Melbourne International Film Festival earlier this year, and after a quick chat about what I was up to, Justine thought that some people may be interested about the processes involved in getting a custom made garment.

You can read the article in the latest issue of MixTape zine and it is available from here.

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