Monday, October 26, 2009

Things that make me happy # 4 - Dancefloor memories

From the very first time I went to an alternative/indie club (Melbourne circa early 90's), I was hooked, it was such a happy time in my life and it was a time when you could walk down Lygon Street in Carlton on a Saturday night dressed in full goth regalia and not be afraid of getting beaten or chased, sure people jeered, but it was all in fun.

I also felt that I was part of an important time in 'clubland'. Sure, our generation did'nt change the face of the Melbourne music scene or anything like that, but what we saw for the first time was the bringing down of subcultural barriers....and a few hybrids emerged too!

More about that another time. I remember looking around the dancefloor at Clockwork Orange at the Chevron while this song was playing and felt happy and a little amazed at the different "subcultures" that were on the dancefloor smiling and dancing to this. If only the whole world could be that way...


Emjie said...

Thank you for sharing —that gave me the warm fuzzies.

Ren said...

YES! I was a slightly later addition to the alternative club scene- mid 90's, so the clubs I frequented were different (collision, goo, subculture) but this song was and still is one of my favourite happy songs! The crowd was always a mix of indie kids, goths, grungers, something in between, yet we'd all happily dance to eachothers genres. Pulp would follow Sisters of Mercy, Breeders after NIN. It worked and I loved it!
Thanks for the blast from the past.

Anonymous said...

I'm from a younger generation, 1983 at the Seaview ballroom, the prince, The Venue, and subcultures were strictly in their boxes and didn't mix.

Still, I look back on a lot of things in that time with a similar nostalgia.

Great post!

petapledger said...


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