Monday, September 21, 2009

milkbars, laundromats & urban beauty - tomorrow!

If you are like me and go weak at the knees for anything related to the milk bars of yesterday, don't miss this upcoming photographic exhibition titled milkbars, laundromats & urban beauty.

Featuring the photographic talents of Gemma Jones, Eamo Donnelly, Miikel Doomernik and co-owner of Arthur's Circus - Natalie Jeffcott.

The exhibition is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and also celebrates Arthur's Circus' 2nd year in business. Opening night is Tuesday 22 September from 6 - 8pm . They will be extending their hours for the duration of the festival.

Keep an eye on the Arthur's Circus blog for opening time information.

Arthur's Circus is located at 631 Queensberry Street in North Melbourne, Victoria.

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