Monday, July 20, 2009

Because the simple frocks in life are often the best...

The reason this blog post bears this title, is because I was pleasantly surprised that my client for this garment, Juanita chose to wear the dress with minimal jewellery and minimal tizz. The result? Perfect for the occasion it was made for!

Juanita supplied the shot blue/purple 100% pure silk for this dress. Upon advice from the retailer she bought it from, I did not pre-shrink the fabric and I did not use any water or steam during the construction and pressing process.

I lined the bodice in blue 100% Viscose for comfort and the skirt in a matching bemsilk lining.

After alot of consideration and discussions with other dressmakers, I decided not to bone the bodice as I wanted to avoid that bridesmaid/1980's party frock look. The bodice is fused in a medium weight iron on (I can hear some of you gasp at that) interfacing and the invisible zip is in the centre back.

We agreed on a rounded 'collar' around the top of the dress and decided against a matching belt.

The Paper Plane sterling silver necklace is by Australian jewellery designer and maker, Victoria Mason. Please check out her site, her work is delightful.


earl and cookie said...

oh Juanita looks beautiful!!!! perfect dress Peta

Pip Lincolne said...

OH! The Girl can't help it! No she can't! What a GORGEOUS dress you made, Peta! And what a fantastic girl wore it. And also... what a fantastic girl made it too! x

petapledger said...

Thank you Vic, thank you Pip!!

Bongoqueen said...

AND! A big heads up to Earl & Cookie for the ACE necklace!!

paintergirl said...

too much gorgeousness in one post! oh my!

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