Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Origin of Style Name - 'Lucky Diamonds'

With Melbourne being such a small city, where almost everyone seems connected, my customers get a chuckle when they know the person that a particular garment design was named after.

'Lucky Diamonds' was born in Hepburn Springs at a Royal Crown Revue show in November 2007.

I made the first 'Lucky Diamonds' dress for my friend Dani Diamond - not her real surname, but an alias she has used for years. Her adorable boyfriend Anthony, was wearing a beautiful shirt that had little diamonds embroidered on the cuffs.

As the band played, I observed how happy and in love the pair of them were, they were laughing and dancing and yes, there was alot of gazing into one anothers eyes.

It was at that moment in time, that the name of the dress came to me, Lucky - because I felt that they were so lucky to find one another's perfect match (they plan to marry in 2010) and Diamonds - both because of the little diamonds on his shirt and the coincidence that it is also her nickname.

My latest Lucky Diamonds dress is available from my online store here.
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